the inner magic to challenge, perform, and impress (urban dictionary)
a beacon for real truth, justice, righteousness ... (astrological meaning)

It takes a village to raise a child. Nevin Elgendy, founder of NIVO for Life, has made it a life mission to help people identify their hidden child in the center of a village of pre-conceived notions, impulses, media messages and influencers. Through a series of workshop retreats, one-to-one coaching sessions and blogs, is where Nevin's motto Make Change Fun comes to life. One-to-one coaching, group workshops and retreats to exotic settings, all help set the pace of change.

Nevin is a Certified Life Coach under the tutelage of Dr. Martha Beck who is a monthly contributor to Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and one of the world’s foremost Life Coaches. Nevin is also an independent certified coach and speaker for the John Maxwell Team.


Client talk

“The Art of Being changed how I think about things; most of all, the importance of knowing and asking for what you want. I experienced how I can try different approaches when things are not working in my life, rather than trying harder or being more willful. This workshop appreciated the importance of the rationale mind AND one’s feelings. In the past, I could disregard how I felt about things, now I know to trust this more.”

Eileen Donoghue, Ph.D.
Consultant in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


“In life, it is a wonderful privilege to professionally do what comes naturally. I won't say easily, because what is "easy" often becomes mechanical routine. My friend Nevin is a natural healer, someone who has the ability to hear, to analyze and to help, with clarity and intelligence. Her compassion, empathy and generosity are the cornerstones, in my opinion, of her coaching practice. Her wit and sense of humor allows the client to understand and separate the absurd from the important; her breathing and relaxation techniques are key to creating an unfiltered line of communication between the client and the coach. Her understanding of human nature as well as the essence of spirituality allows the "greater, truer picture" to emerge during her coaching sessions. If I may repeat myself, with Nevin, none of this "work" is done easily, by routine, there is no element of cliched Pop-Psychology. It is done with respect and a desire to help and to heal so that the client can work towards their full potential.”

Peter Hristoff


“Just concluded a session with Nevin Elgendy about self and career improvement. When I started I thought what the heck let's explore how this goes but by the time she was done with me I had discovered some of my weaknesses and how I made myself fail in certain arenas. Now thanks to her I have a complete new plan to better my performance and I intend to use it. Guys you don't know what you are missing!”

Sherif Abdel Ghaffar


“Nevin's life coaching has helped me establish peace and clarity with my career and family, Nevin's coaching tools helped me achieve new perspective so I could make real decisions. Nevin takes great care of her clients, her care and concern goes beyond the traditional hour long session. Her commitment to her clients is evident in the little touches outside of her sessions when she forwards readings and words of encouragement throughout the week. Working with Nevin has opened my eyes to the possibility that things might work out. I now feel more hopeful about the future than I used to.”

Padme Raina