In the work I do, people master the art of being in the world using the power they already possess to make change, and have fun in the process. This process starts by guiding to get clear, become confident and go big.

Get clear

It is always fascinating to see the breakthrough happen through the process of questioning until the right one resonates. Schools teach us to answer the questions, but in life we need to learn how to ask the right one, as the answer is usually contained, right there, within the question. By discovering, through a series of exercises, the questions that will direct and energize towards change, your mind will get clear on what you truly want to create in your life.

In the process you will understand why you behave the way you do, and how your behavior creates the results in the life you are living. You will discover the limiting beliefs that were holding you back.

As we grow we continue to learn many great things then through a process of "domestication" in our culture, we may sometimes absorb other thoughts that become the seeds for limiting beliefs. Those limiting beliefs are often wrapped in fear, planted in our subconscious until they control our lives without our awareness. By becoming conscious of these limiting thoughts you will understand what needs shifting to change your results. 

Be Confidant

Being confident starts by taking your imperfect action. What keeps a lot of us stuck is fear, perfection thinking i.e. "I need competence to be confident". To progress we need to do the opposite. To be competent you need to be confident today.  Your imperfect actions will lead you to become competent.

go big

Going big lies in the persistence and continuous actions we take. This final stage involves personal commitment to a plan, holding ourselves accountable, trusting in ourselves, and most importantly believing that change can be fun.