Change Your Story, Change Your Life..

January 20, 2016


“ Without the fog London would not be a beautiful city. It’s the fog that gives it its magnificent breadth. Those massive regular blocks becomes grandiose within this mysterious cloak”  Monet.

Yesterday I visited the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. I read this Monet quote next to one of his paintings. Separating fact from fiction; How irrelevant is the fact to the quality of our experience, it is the story we attach that creates our experience, the story we tell ourselves, our own fiction.

Lots of us when thinking of bad weather, dark and foggy, the first thing that comes to mind is London, a lot including myself! How does that paint and limit our experience when in London? I guess you know the rest of the story.

For Monet it was the fog that was his inspiration for a lot of his paintings. WOW!!

Fog is the fact, it is neutral, has no power.  Monet attached a good story to it and that resulted in his experience. His experience that enriched our life with beauty.  I attached a negative story to London being foggy and sure that affected how I feel and  limited my London experience.

Now, where else in your life did your story result in limiting your own experience?

Change your story, change your life !

nevin elgendy