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Heal your heart in the heart of the world 2018

If you want to unleash your true potential and create your magic, then simply make the choice, it’s a decision, not a desire!!.

Understand how the inner critic operates and that its chatter is not your reality.  Learn the tools and activate your INNER MENTOR to create the life you desire.

Wisdom gained during these sessions will lead you into a more contemplative part of the retreat where you will be invited to do meditative practice, gentle movement, guided imagery, and compassionate inquiry to reconnect to the heart.

This is the voice of the “Inner Critic”:

  • Being harsh on yourself

  • Repeating unkind things to yourself

  • Believing you aren’t yet ready for better times

  • Putting yourself down

  • Thinking you’re not good enough in this or that

  • Taking the lead from the critical people in your life

The list goes on…….

    And here is what your “INNER MENTOR” sounds like:

  • Speaks in a calmer tone.

  • Moves forward, advancing your true potential.

  • Self-supporting.

  • Leads you to play BIG in your life.

  • Becomes at Cause in your life.

Until you become clear nothing will be; the moment you are clear everything will be. Who will lead, your inner critic or your inner mentor?

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