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Put Your Dream To The Test...

Your Dream: An inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions; empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it. 

A genuine dream is a picture and blueprint of a person’s Purpose and Potential.

Learn how to do the things needed to make your dream come true. Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. Put your dream to the test takes your dream from ethereal to achievable. You will learn how to crystallize your vision and galvanize your commitment.

A Two-day workshop covering 10 pivotal areas that will put your dream to the test.


Is your dream really YOUR dream or does it belong to someone else?

Match your habits to your dream. Look at what you naturally do well and make sure these habits correspond to your dream.

Passion pulls us up, enabling us to overcome adversity. Passion pulls us out, giving us initiative. Passion positions us well, giving us the greatest odds for success.

Develop your pathway to your dream enables you to reach your potential.

Develop your team with people who inspire you and include people who are honest with you and whose skills compliment yours.

Dreams are free but the journey is not. There is a price that must be paid sooner than expected. The price is almost always higher than planned, what are you ready to give up to go up?

To move closer to your dream, recognize that quitting is more about who you are than where you are. Waiting for everything to be right is the wrong approach.

Fulfilled people understand the difference between the dream and its realization. The size of the dream determines the size of the gap to achieve it. Every step is appreciated on the journey.


Location: Comptoire 101

Date: March 15-16

Schedule: 10 AM-6 PM (Lunch included)

Space limited to 10 spots