Grief; feel it to think it...

In the wake of the tragic event in my home country, Egypt and the loss of 305 souls, allow me to share my thoughts.

Immediately and after the sad news hit the world, I read a lot of comments about how we should revenge; about the conspiracy; about killing the ones who observe Friday and Sunday not Saturday, referring to Jews not being subject to terrorist attacks!!!

Grieving and mourning are a process…

We need to pause and be present while witnessing the most sacred act; a soul departing our life, regardless of how!! Not the time.

That is showing respect to the soul that made it’s way home. What we feel we can heal... 

We are human beings not human doing. The first step is being with what happened. This is how we respect this departing soul.. That is also necessary for our emotional wellbeing, processing the clean pain, the pain of the loss. We are one, its part of you and me left!!!

This is not even the time to think about who they left behind; first be with the Soul that made its eternal way home.

Once we allow that to process, we are ready to show compassion and empathy to the ones directly affected by that loss; if you can contribute directly, great; if not, look around you and see how you can make an act of kindness for someone who just lost a loved one; remember we are one, we are all connected energetically.

Now, time to think about what happened and why it happened and how it can be prevented. We need to look deeper beyond the sudden rush of... let’s revenge.

To find what needs to be done immediately and what needs to be done on the long run, to deal with the situation on a comprehensive level. 

Also to observe how we dealt with the same situation in the past and change, as it is insanity to think the same thoughts do the same actions and expect new results.

Notice this is the last step, as by now we are not on the fight or flight mode. A mode that leaves us with little rational thinking, and that’s why when people are angry they make no sense. That is leading our situation and not being lead by a reactive mode.

We need to allow the clean pain to be processed and not allow ourselves to be lead by thoughts. Thoughts that need to be questioned, like thinking that killing more innocent people will solve the problem in our scared world. We need to question our old thoughts about handling the same situation, that lead nowhere but to the same results with a bigger and more painful scope.

An opportunity to pause, feel the pain and process it and question our old thoughts and actions and find the path to healing our universe.

What we feel we can heal.

And when feeling is blocked dis-ease is the result both in our physical body as well the universal body.

We need to feel it before we think it in order to think it right!!


nevin elgendy