Tell me "I can't" and I tell you to meet Helen..

Warning my longest post EVER:) no shortcuts to success...

As promised yesterday here is a Hero’s story: Helen Uzaizi in her own words, I will be breaking it into a step by step guide for achieving your dreams.

"I was never an athlete and never allowed myself to dream to be one. I always thought athletes were born with special genetics and I didn't have them."

Assumptions, limit us…release assumptions, if something moves your heart, go for it separate facts from fiction. And notice it was not happening because of not giving herself permission!!!.. give yourself permission!

"In April 2012, I woke up one morning deciding I wanted to run a full marathon, 42.2km, not knowing what that entails."

A decision, this is what separates you and your dream, make a decision to pursue your dream. Notice she still did not know how to, only a decision.

" I spoke to my trainer at the gym at the time, he gave me a plan and said I could do it if I put in the time and commitment."

Now time to prepare and take action and persist. Prepare the Helen who will achieve the dream. Not the Helen of today, but growing the Helen who will. Not being ready today means you simply need to prepare.The problems happen when we think where I am today is where I will be every day, Hell NO

" I did and in January 2013 I ran my first full marathon."

RESULTS, yessssss!! 

"This was the first step towards my bigger dream of completing the IronMan (3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run) triathlon."

A new decision, the next level, growing has no limit 

"Having never known how to swim or ride a bike, it seemed like an impossible task. In April 2016, I decided it was time to make the triathlon dream come to life."

Prepare again 🙂

"I learned how to swim from my 5-year-old daughter's swimming instructor and rented a bike and had the shop owner teach me how to ride the bike."

Never underestimate who will teach you in your journey. I learned valuable lessons from a lot of teachers; my gardeners and the house helper in my aunt's house. I already blogged about how they shaped who I’m today

"With the support of people in the triathlon community in Dubai, in January 2017, I had completed my 4th triathlon including the IronMan70.3 (1.9km swim, 90km bike, and 21km run)."

One is not a great number, to reach big heights we need to collaborate and seek help, ask for help.

"Since then, I have completed IronMan70.3 Miami and a total of 8 triathlons this year."

More results 🙂


"In each of these goals, was I scared? Yes."

Fear will always be there, courage is not allowing fear to lead. If you are waiting for fear to disappear, tough, it won’t 🙂 you will toughen up and act in spite of your fears!!

"Did I feel intimidated by those that were 'great'? Yes."

First trap to avoid in your success journey, comparison!!!

" I continued to put myself down because I didn't want anyone else to tell me I was slow. If I told myself that, then no one can hurt me. If I told myself it is OK to be last, then if I am the last one, it was OK."

The importance of managing the different voices;, the voice in your head, your inner critic and the voice in your heart; the inner mentor. 

Listen to the kind encouraging messages in your heart, question the voice in your head if it comes with a negative message, like Hele's first assumption, being athletic not for everyone.

Some might say, but when I am hard on myself I accomplish. Ok, do you want to be a shaker, mover, a leader or just check things off your to-do list? Shaker and mover are motivated not pushed around.

"But during the process, I learned that we are so much stronger than we know."


we are stronger than what we think and adversity and challenges are here to put us face to face with our self so we know who we really are and what we are capable of.

"Our body and mind work in synergy to make everything our heart wants come to life."

Listen to your body's wisdom, do the work trust and watch yourself sore up high

"With a dream, a plan and the commitment to make it happen, there was no way I was going to give up on what I wanted to achieve."

yes yes yes: dream, plan commit...

"During every race, there have been moments I have wanted to stop, turn back and call it a day. In the back of my mind, I knew that giving up was not an option."

Two important lessons we all need to learn, quitting and failure they are part of the success journey. 

Yes, you will need to master quitting and failing to succeed. Quitting all that is not aligned with the dream, quitting the dream is not an option. 

Failing, yes you will fail and that is inevitable, stand up again learn the lesson and continue your journey. No failure no success!! 

Not a single person who achieved success did not fail multiple quitting!!!

separate you from your actions, what failed was a specific action, not you, keep that clear, change the action, simple!!!

I visualized finish lines before I crossed them, I felt the euphoria of crossing that line before I got there and that kept me going each and every time because I knew that the feeling was worth it.

Anything we imagine and really feel in our heart we create...

So now time to connect, listen and follow
Connect to your heart, listen, act, persist and write your new chapter and inspire us, you are next!!! 

To sum it up:

No assumption, question your limiting thoughts. 
Connect, listen and follow
Make a decision.
Visualise your dream and feel it in your heart. 
Prepare, act and persist
Ask for help
Learn from all your teachers
Manage the voice in your head
Master quitting and failing
Time to celebrate my friend 

WOOOOOOW Helen Thank you for modeling the way for all of us.

For Helen's pic during her latest Marathon, click the link below:

A real honor to be part of your journey, a dear friend, and client.


nevin elgendy