How to achieve your dreams? Ask the right questions..

A question I am always asked when it comes to setting goals and achieving dreams: 

“Nevin, that’s not possible how can I create that income in a year when I am currently nowhere near this figure?”

I remember asking myself the same question; I even remember resisting sitting and writing down my financial goals in my business.

I remember resisting so much, and when I finally did it, I realized the resistance was due to the lack of vision, the how-to; how am I going to create this income?

I realized yes I won’t know at this point how to, but why I won’t know?

Because it is not the Nevin I am today who will create the anticipated revenues for next year. 

The Nevin I am today created today’s results; the Nevin that will create tomorrow’s results will be a different Nevin.

So I don’t need to know how to create the results, I need to know how I’m gonna prepare Nevin to be the Nevin that will create these results, completely different mindset…

The first thought is stressful the second is not, why because it is in the present moment, prepare Nevin now.

So now what do I need to do to prepare and become the new Nevin? 

Grow Nevin so she can create the growth in her business.

How to grow Nevin? 
Invest in Nevin

1-Which books am I going to read?
2-Which seminars and programs am I going to attend?
3-Which habits I am going to incorporate, habits that successful people maintain; waking up early, to do list, energizing my mind and body, meditations, etc
4-Which habits I am going to release, distracting habits.
5-My relationships, who do I mostly hang with, positive people of draining people?
6-My environment, how does my living space and workplace look and feel like?
7-My planned networking events.

8-Relasing all the limiting, judgmental and unloving thoughts about me or toward the others.

This is a sample of how I build the new Nevin who creates the new results and how I help my clients grow themselves to achieve their dreams.

As I continue to grow myself, trust myself, and trust the divine, new ideas will show up, new connections will be made and new actions will be taken. 

Also the new challenges and barriers I will face that will make me stronger and it is this new version of Nevin that will achieve her new goals. 

Dream, grow yourself and don’t be stuck on the how for now, the how will reveal itself as long as you do the work now, prepare you to become the person who will achieve your dreams. 

As we are approaching the New Year, set some time to reflect on how far you came and what is next. Don’t be intimidated by where you are today, tomorrow can be as good as you want it to be.

Dream, do the work consistently and grow yourself.

These pics are the results of the life I created for myself growing myself. If I can, you can 💜

click this link for the pics

Tomorrow I will be sharing a huge success story, Helen Uzaizi. A story of dreaming big and, not being intimidated by where you are or how you gonna achieve the dream. A step-by-step guide as to how to prepare yourself to be the person who will achieve your dreams.



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