Are you expanding?

If you want to live in flow, you need to follow the laws of this universe.

Years ago I was in Malaysia, in Langkawi island, the heaven of earth. One day I will organize a retreat there.😍

Back to the post, during a night forest walk, our guide mentioned something that I never forgot. He said that two-thirds of the holy book, the Quran is asking us to learn and grow through observing the universe.

Since that day I am learning a lot about myself and about growth from our magical universe.

The first law that governs our universe is the law of expansion.

Yes, our beautiful universe is expanding and will continue to expand. I believe the moment it will stop, all will come to an end. The moment the universe stops breathing and expanding it will die.

This applies to us, the moment we stop learning and growing we die because what does not grow dies!!

As we are approaching the end of 2017 and launching a new chapter, what is your growth plan for 2018?

What are your dreams?

How will you grow yourself to achieve your dreams? Growth is intentional, we need to plan our growth.

Our dreams are nothing but a tool to help us grow to become the person we are meant to be, our full potential self, the unique YOU..

So the main target here is who do we become in the process of pursuing our dream.

Stay aligned with the universal law of expansion and plan your growth to become what the divine intended for you to be.

Otherwise, we are only growing in age:)



nevin elgendy