Today: A Fifty-year-old dream come true...

What is success?

Success is discovering your purpose, growing your self to your full potential while sowing seeds for others- john Maxwell 

Today is one of those days celebrating three of my dear clients. Its fun to succeed and be at the top, yet its a lot more fun when you lead others to the top with you!!

Celebrating Hadya El-Minyawi Zeina Shennak Lina Sallam

Hadya, Zeina, and Lina They attended my workshop: “Put Your Dream to the Test” Amman, Jordan Aug 18-19 almost four months ago and they all had dreams, only dreams!!

Yesterday Zeina and Lina lived their new reality, they facilitated their first workshop in Amman, Congrats ladies 🙌🏻💜🎉🎉🎉

Today Hadya my dear friend and client are launching her business, a 50-year-old dream. A business both Hadya and her mom dreamt.

Today its no longer a dream it is Hadya’s reality.

Todays we are celebrating the legacy of Fafaya, Hadya’s mom who is watching Hadya living their dream from the sky🙏🏻

We love you Fafaya and I’m sure you are celebrating with us today 💜💜

Thank you Sally Rashid for the wonderful pics 😘😘😘💜 for those of you who are not from Egypt, Sally is a leader in her industry, a super talented Makeup artist, and Lancôme’s National makeup artist. Sally volunteered to do the photo shoot for Hadya. 

This is my tribe and this is our spirit, together we hold hands and go to the top 💜💜💜

I will leave you with Hadya’s own words, congrats my friends 🙌🏻💜🎉

A Fifty Year Old Dream Come True

For the love of fabrics…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who used to accompany her mama to the fabric stores. This is how it all began.

My mama, known as Fafaya, designed her own clothes - she made dresses for me, my sis and for the little girls in the family too – clothes made with love. Bit by bit, these shopping trips and watching my mama make beautiful pieces were to become an important part of my growing up.

She was resourceful…and talented.

I must have been 12 or 13 when she took me to the factory that produced silk scarves...I remember her later that day carefully laying out the pieces of scarves on our living room floor. She would - for quite some time - play around with the small pieces, which were later to become a beautiful evening dress she wore at a reception. 

From there on, my interest in textures and colors began, and as I grew older, my passion for fabrics and designs grew too. I became fascinated by bright colors and beautiful designs… I was inspired by my mama’s resourcefulness and creativity. 

She had always dreamed of going professional. 

Today, Fafaya's legacy lives on in these designs.

“Integrity”, is the first line of coats I’d like to present you with; it’s the coat that will never let you down. Designed for the woman who thinks outside the box, it is both exciting and fun to wear. “Integrity” was created for the woman, comfortable with who she is and what she does. It’s made for the woman who wants to look good and knows she deserves to feel good too.

“Integrity” can be worn during the day, in the evening, over jeans, or to compliment a cocktail dress. It doesn’t change. It remains elegant, beautiful and timeless. This is what integrity is about. It’s about who you are, what you do, the choices you make and how you choose to live…. the way it feels right to you…for you.

Go bold! Go colorful! Go beautiful! 

She was beautiful, she was elegant, she was creative and she was fun

She was my mama❤

Congrats Hadya and Fafaya 🎊🎊

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