Lead By Example...

April 4, 2017

Inspirational quotes: Did you notice the amount of inspirational quotes we share?

I had this question for a while, do they really help?

The answer is NO and Yes..

No came first because I believe this is what happens most of the time.

When we like a quote, it means it resonated; it is time to act on it and not simply share it.

Imagine how our lives can transform if we really act on every piece of wisdom we share.

When we share before we put it in effect we lose the opportunity to grow our self.

When you read and feel the connection to an inspirational message, first run it by these two question before you share:

Where can I use it in my life?
When can I use it?

Identify an action and most important a time to take this action.

For the last few days, I found I was landing on many teaching that has to do with systems for success and the power of habit.

I looked at my calendar, I created few new routines that help me advance in areas that are my priority and I made few changes.

And here is the quote that inspired me and I acted on before sharing with you:

“ Whatever good things we build end up building us”

The secret to our success is found in our daily routine!!

It feels good to share it at the end of my post, as it feels more congruent with what I believe, live it to give it.

Lead by example!

nevin elgendy