Managing My Pics; Managing My Thoughts...

Today I had an idea, actually a new habit that I will add to my day.
As you might know, I take lots of pics, I noticed that my phone is becoming over crowded.

My plan; at the end of every day, I will go through my pics see what to keep and what to release. I will take that one more step further, I will go through my day reflect, see what thoughts and events got me close to my goals and intentions and what did not.

A tidying up act for my physical and mental space and getting clear on my goals and how to achieve! 

In my program “Get Clear_ Become Confident _ Go BIG” I work with my clients first to understand how the mind works. We all know what we know, that is not the big news ☺ The big news is to make sure that this is really what we want not what we think we want, by questioning our thoughts. I also work on introducing new tools to help connect to other sources of wise information, our heart. So we connect, listen and follow.

Clients are guided to dig deeper into what stops then from having the life they truly want and turning that all around. We analyze daily habit, recurring thoughts, we go into different aspects that shapes their life they way it is now. That is getting clear on why you are where you are.

These aspects of your daily life perhaps unconsciously trip you up, they not only are shaken up but cleaned up. They are guided to take charge of the voices in their head ( I am not enough) They develop the ability to set boundaries by speaking their truth with confidence, pose and respect. In removing the clutter that drags them down both mental and physical, together with their own actions steps, their connection to the guidance of their heart is now in the fast lane.
They go back, knowing exactly what is happening consciously and unconsciously in their life, what needs to be done and what needs to be stopped and most important a road map with simple tailored turtle steps to achieve their goals.

I already went through yesterday’s pic, such an amazing feel to release what does not serve you anymore. 

The pic that made it to my library, is my shopping basket with 6 items. It reminds me of embracing change. At first, I was smiling saying to myself; Nevin are you being a western now comparing my shopping basket to the one when I lived in Egypt few years ago, WOW. 

One fact: 6 items in my basket , but two stories can be told here:
ohh I miss the old days when I used to live in a household of 10 people and now 2, can be made to being lonely and would sure make me feel sad.

Second story, life is about change how can you dance to the new steps of the universe, Freedom☺

It's the story we tell our self is what creates the emotion, and that sure we have full control over !! Sadness was a reaction to a thought, freedom was a reaction to another thought regarding the same fact, my shopping cart items☺
Feeling happy and excited helps me show up as my full potential and that sure helps me achieve my goals!

Maintaining unconscious thoughts and acts that keep you down can really damage your life. Imagine keeping a water feature in your home that is leaking, tiny drops that you might not be aware of. We might never anticipate the impact of these leaks, but I can assure you that if neglected for a long time it can damage the whole construction, and that is exactly what happens in our life by not being aware of all the leaks in our life. These leaks that depletes our energy and does not allow us to show as our full potential. 

Stop wishing and start doing!

nevin elgendy