The Last Blog In A Closing Chapter; We Have Choice...

October 15, 2016

I am always fascinated by how our brain and mind operate. How we have full control over how we feel, and not situations, actions or people.

As some of you know, I am moving from Ottawa, our house sold to close end of this month. I will be temporally be based in Toronto, a big change!

Last week when I arrived at Toronto, I noticed that I was so much enjoying the new city life, I paused and checked how do I feel when I remember what I am leaving behind in Ottawa: lush, green, peaceful neighborhood, lake Mackay, nature etc. to my surprise there was zero emotion!

I was so much into what really is happening in the now! I was so much enjoying what I have now. Fascinated by the fact that everything is so accessible, I walk to Deli, Café, Shops, and even couple of days ago we randomly decided to go the movies and simply went down crossed the street and watched Bridget Jones Baby 😍

I thought maybe my emotions regarding Ottawa will flow once I’m there. Again wrong assumptions, I arrived two days ago as much as I am looking around to see everything that I loved and enjoyed the last five years, I am not feeling sad to leave behind me, I still love all dearly but I think the main idea here is that I am not attached!

Maybe this is due to my most favorite activity, I don’t move with anything, I leave everything behind and move and one more time, I am leaving the house the furniture the belongings
and starting fresh. I am giving a second life to all my belongings sharing them with beautiful friends.

I noticed that the last few days I am hardly being productive in my business, that thought was making me feel heavy and frustrated at myself. I could not push myself to work. Today as I woke up a new thought popped up, there is so much happening and its ok to slow down, it’s a chapter closing and that is more than enough for my body to process. 

Situation is the same, I am still not productive, but when the thought changed I feel completely different, I feel at peace! Both thoughts are equally true, one makes me feel low, the other makes me feel peaceful. We are in full charge of how we feel based on what story are we telling ourselves about the facts in our life.

In Love with the power to chose our thoughts and own our emotions, to be in full control over how we feel. We have no control over situation; we have full control over the choice of our thoughts leading to choosing how we feel.

In total love with life and everything it presents without the attachment, pure freedom! 

P.S. I did not mention friends as those won’t be left behind.

nevin elgendy