The Gift Of Listening; Reflections On "Find Your Extraordinary"...

September 9, 2016

“Listening has the quality of the wizard's alchemy” Brian Muldoon.

This is sure something I struggled with, listening. I used to interrupt my clients like hell :) I used to interrupt and jump into hunches without really listening. It was super frustrating for both my clients and me. 

I used to be busy thinking how I am going to fix them, big mistake! I needed to fix that about me.

I love the learning curve, now when I struggle with something I am looking forward to the lesson, the growth. 

How often when in a conversation are you busy thinking, what will your response be? Busy thinking about yourself?

Try next time to just listen, not think about what will you say, give the other the gift of your focus, of your attention, not your comment. 

When we don’t interrupt we allow the other to go deeper to be more real. The conversation becomes a heart conversation, not a mind conversation.

It is not by chance that we have two ears and one mouth!!!

“ If pictures are worth a thousand words, truly listening to someone is worth a million of your own words.” Jessica Herrin.

nevin elgendy