The Voice...

August 25, 2016

One of the big differences I notice between people, who show up and play big in their life and or career and other who play small, is how they approach that voice in their head.

That harsh, rude, loud voice that says:

·      Not you

·      You are not ready

·      Who do you think you are?

·      You do not have what it takes

·      You will embrace your self.

·      They Can but not you

·      You are too fat etc  ( it gets sooooo LOUD NowJ)

People, who pay big, have the same voice playing in their head, but they don’t allow it to lead. They understand that this is only a voice, a thought and that this is not who they are.

Notice that voice, name it and understand that this is not you.

We ALL have that voice!!!

Both my clients and I had, and still have that voice, but we simply do not allow it to lead.

That is how we started playing big in our lives.

Your job is not to fight with it or make it disappear; your job is to stop it from leading, not to stop it from talking because it simply won’t:)

nevin elgendy