Soul Signature...

August 16, 2016

Want to access your power, remind yourself of your powerful success stories.

Go back see how did you show up?

What traits and strengths did you use?

Why did these success matters?

What new strengths did you develop?

Find the person you were born to be, that is your soul signature.

When I did this exercise I found out that my success stories were created when I:

·       Jumped into the unknown, went out of my familiar zone

·      Trusted my heart, had faith in tomorrow

·      Took the actions I needed to take

·      Managed the horror stories that my mind can play on me because of the newness of what I was doing

·      Used results as feedback to adjust direction not to judge me and my project

Doing these exercises allowed me to find the real power in me. To tap into that woman who can dream and live her dreams.

I invite you to explore, set some quiet time, some self-care time and tap into your success stories, find your power and dream.

Thinking and talking about your success and your strengths changes your brain chemistry and it this energy level that you need to dream and to create more powerful stories.

Your dreams hold the real quality of your life.

nevin elgendy