Thoughts; Inhale Exhale...

June 14, 2016

In the stillness of my mind as I consciously followed my breath, I had this thought: we breathe in, then take a deep breath of what we need, and finally breathe out, letting go of what we do not need. The same principle applies to eating and drinking - we take in and then release that which we do not need.

Our bodies teach us all the lessons we need to in order to change and grow. We learn through observing all that comes natural. The more the lesson repeats itself, the more important it becomes. This lesson of constant breathing in and out repeats itself every second; hence it is super important.
I remember a section in one of Deepak Chopra’s books, where he explains that in one day, around 45,000 thoughts cross our mind! Yesss 45,000!!

That is it!  When we inhale our daily thoughts, out of the 45,000 thoughts that flash in our minds, we only retain a very few – the ones exhaled are all those remaining thoughts that do not serve us. This process needs to happen consciously, unlike breathing, eating and drinking, where the intelligence of of body separates what's useful and what's not and lets go of it.  Those exhaled thoughts that we need to consciously exhale are usually the stressful thoughts, limiting thoughts, judgmental thoughts, etc. 

Remember that negative thoughts create negative emotions which could eventually lead to negative behavior and negative outcomes.

Situations have no power of us; it is the story we tell ourselves about the situation that creates our experience. It is this thought which we’ve inhaled and our body immediately recognized as being “un-useful” to us that makes us subconsciously decide not to hold on to it. When we inhale negative thought, our body sends us the message that we need to do something about it. Through the negative emotion, and negative body sensation, our body signals us the need to exhale the thought.

Inhale all the thoughts and make sure you consciously exhale negative thoughts.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you” James Allen

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