Clog Released...

May 20, 2016

A few days ago my house helper came with a problem, vacuum cleaner hose completely blocked. Next day I called the technician to fix it. 

He showed up and I witnessed an incredible experience.  I was not happy with him, all the time he was pushing the idea of buying a new house that he has ready in his car. I was starting to notice my irritation with his energy and attitude.

As I was in this space of resentment and anger, things of course escalated. Emotions are alive, they grow, whether positive or negative. What are the nutrients for emotions; our thoughts. As I was holding all these negative thoughts around the gentleman and his attitude, anger grew. I was now angrier with the house helper who was not careful using the vacuum allowing objects into the machine hose.

The game changed since I became more sensitive to negative emotions, I paused.  I asked myself, what do I really want now? The answer was easy and clear, the clog to clear!! 

Where were my thoughts, energy, and emotions?  Anger at the clog! Ok Nevin switches gears, switch focus. I held the image of the house clearing and visualized the guy calling me telling me it’s done. I started to calm down, feel more peaceful. Five minutes later he called, the clog is cleared, in spite of his previous position for the last 45 min that it won’t be fixed.

My conscious decision to pause and chose how do I want to feel and what I really want, not only saved me from my anger but also saved me $ 300 the difference between what clearing the clog cost and buying a new house J Of course if we get entangled in our rage unconsciously we get sucked in the spiral of anger, which can make us temporarily relieved as we will release our anger in words or actions, exactly how numbing our emotions through drinking, smoking or any other numbing tools, would do. But do we get the result we really want? BIG NO!

That was a huge metaphor, Clogs will always happen, that is life situation that sure we cannot control. What we can control, is our thoughts around situations, chose consciously your thoughts, create the results you desire. Become at cause of your life not at effect. 

My life changed since I started my coaching journey, not only I helped myself create the life I desire, but also created amazing results for my clients. I do not offer quick fix, I do not perform cosmetic coaching, NO plastic surgery coaching:)

 If you witness this voice coming from within asking you to stop playing small in your life, saying enough is enough, if you notice negative thoughts are taking over, and if the pain is bigger than the fear of change, Sure I can help! No more BUTs or Ifs, as one client said, Nevin you are the BUTs and IFs exterminator coach:)

nevin elgendy