Anger; Your Clarity Tool...

May 13, 2016

Use anger as a springboard for thinking about your situation rather than remaining the victim and simply reacting.
When caught in anger, work on separating yourself and get clear about your needs and wants. What we tend to do that keeps us feeling stuck and away from that major step is stepping into the other's business; judging, blaming, complaining, moralizing, preaching, and psychoanalyzing. We get side tracked diagnosing and assuming that we really know what the other thinks, feels, or wants, or how they should think, feel or behave.
Get clear on your own priorities to make a new decision to solve your problem. As that might sound simple, we might find out that we are not clear about our real needs and priorities. Acknowledging our un-clarity is a significant step forward, as now we are in our own business. Our attention is in the right place, soon enough you will find your answers, your clarity!

nevin elgendy