Effortless Beauty; Active Surrender...

May 11, 2016

Driving a dear friend back home, I was mesmerized by the clouds, the sunset, and the trees.
I had a thought appear: all that beauty and perfection is happening effortlessly. The next thought was like a flash accompanied by images. Images of major events in my life, events that were pivotal in my journey, and they too were effortless. I simply allowed every moment to unfold without judging or resisting and actively surrendered. Took one moment at a time, decided, acted and surrendered the results.

Our move to Canada back in 2007 was due to a suggestion from a friend that we move. We accepted and started the process that took years. I left Egypt, January 24, 2011, one day before the Egyptian revolution. I left with the intention of staying in Canada two months to find a home and school for the kids.

Buying our place in Istanbul made no sense me or to anyone at that time. We were supposed to be moving to Canada, why would I be drawn to Turkey?

The next day I arrived in Canada, I received a call from a dear friend. My kids were still in Egypt, supposed to move to Canada in September of 2011. My friend asked about my whereabouts as well as the kids. He asked me to send the kids to Turkey and join so we can decide the next move, and I did.

Two days later, I arrived in Turkey, my neighbor in Turkey who is a sister to me asked me to stay in Turkey and enroll the kids in a school in Istanbul since Egypt was troubled, and Canada was not ready yet. Now it was clear why I was pulled to get this place. This place, four months from the purchase date, was going to be home for my family. January 23, I was in Egypt, January 24 in Canada, February 1, I was living in Turkey with my kids enrolled in school!

Going Back to Canada April 2012 to enroll the kids in their new school, I forgot to get my medication from Turkey; by the time I was in the school I was in really bad shape. The first person I met in Ottawa, who became a dear friend, saved me! She found me a nurse and ordered my prescription, later, she was the person to ask me to become a life coach. She became my first paying client and my cheerleader. She was the one in the car with me when I witnessed all these thoughts

How I got into Martha Beck coaching program: after hearing about this from my friend, a week later, while waiting in line in the supermarket, I came across O magazine. I opened to find a Martha Beck article about her coaching school. Wow what a message with perfect timing, but did I act? no  The same week, I saw the same article in the New York Times, this time I did act

Going back and looking at each situation with all the emotional charge that could have made it harder, if I was stuck on judging and fighting, I realized that staying open and not fighting with what is and what life presented me with, was the main reason for flow in my life.
Embarking on a journey to be of service and a part of the healing process of the world was the biggest act of kindness and healing to my own soul as well!

Every event in our life comes in a package as a gift, some packages look amazing, we get excited and open the box and find our gift. Other gifts come in a package with a less exciting wrapping. We get side tracked, judge the box, and leave the gift inside without opening, because we simply judged the wrapping. Judging our life situation as unpleasant, we tend to miss the gift in the challenge, the lesson, and our growth opportunity.

All we need to do is actively surrender, engage with curiosity, become inquisitive about all our gifts and not get caught on the wrapping, allowing the universe to play it’s magic.
A moment of gratitude to the creator!
A moment of gratitude to all the magic in my life!
A moment of gratitude for all the people in my life!
A moment of gratitude for all my gifts, with both wrappers!

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