Welcome Mistakes..

Working on a youth initiative, adrenaline!!

Working with Loss, the spirit of learning and progress, i.e the winning mindset.

Youth is about growth, but how do we help them maximize their growth? 

Growth resides right outside their familiar zone, the so-called comfort zone, outside that zone is the growth zone.

Why do people generally choose the pain and stagnancy of the familiar zone over the excitement of the growth zone?

Because of the fear of failure, the fear of making mistakes.

To grow and to leave their familiar zone youth, need to be willing to make mistakes. It is safe to stay in the familiar zone but it is soul crushing. New mistakes are a sign that they are doing something different, repeating the same mistakes is a different story I won’t discuss here.

To grow, encourage them to:
• Pick up an area to improve and to step out of their familiar zone.
• Commit to small tiny actions steps.
• And be ready to make mistakes! Yes, we will encourage our kids to make mistakes.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

Help them not to fall into the comparison trap, instead of asking, am I like them? Ask, am I getting better? Instead of asking did I do it perfect? Ask, did I progress?

So here is my message to parents:

Encourage your kids to learn and grow, without mistakes no growing. Success has nothing to do with your track record of wins or losses; it’s about growing to be their full potential self while sowing seeds to benefits others.

In the midst of failure lies the opportunity to grow, failure is not final!!!

Have a lovely day!

nevin elgendy