Selflove and Selfish

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me a question: 

" What simply brings you joy?"

And I got this message from a dear client....

"Nevin, very eager to start our sessions. I have returned to my previous self, delivering on time and racing ahead with my work. It feels great!!"

We have been working together for a few months and heading to the last stretch of our journey together. He is almost back home 🙏🏻

THIS is what Brings me JOY...

Taking someone back home, home to their true self. Taking someone back to self love.

Reuniting someone with their soul. 

To create great results we need to feel great!

Self love feels great.

Self love is not selfish, its the opposite! 

Self love leads to people’s love, to both loving and receiving love. 

You Can’t Give What You Lack!

Selfishness is a symptom of lack of self love. A sign of self judgement, a sign of hurt...

If we want to go big in our life, then eliminate self judgment. Check, judge, and change your actions, but don’t judge YOU. You are not your actions. 

Go back home.... Go back home to love yourself! 

If you want to head East, why go West?

Set clear intentions on where you are heading. Observe your behavior, follow your thoughts and if they don’t match your intentions, change your thoughts and your behavior. Don’t be hard on yourself in the process. 

If you want fulfillment don’t self judge.

Love yourself and be kind to yourself and others.

YOU need YOU to go back home.

We are human beings not human doings... So, to DO good we need first to BE good,i.e feel good! 

To embark on the journey of greatness make sure you are in harmony with your path companion; YOU💜

Be kind to YOU and love who you are in your heart, and start the journey of creating magic in your life and all the lives you touch 💜

THIS is what Brings me Joy... The ripple effect created form one Soul going back to Self love.

Self-love is the Stardust of All the Magic we witness 🦄 💜

Edits: Sallie Kinawy🙏🏻


nevin elgendy