Is smiling a choice? Yes. Even at the face of a cancer alarm? Yes!

Attitude is a choice...

The famous question:

“Nevin, is your life as good as it looks on Facebook? It looks like a dream come true.”

“Do you always smile? You don’t have things that stress you?”

Yes, my life is exactly as it looks on Facebook. I choose how to show up in my life. I get to choose my attitude.

Life happens…

But ATTITUDE is a choice!

I SMILE, no matter how life decides to present itself to me… a retreat in India or a biopsy for a cancer alarm!

Remember Feb 2, the day I made a 6 hour stop in Cairo, had breakfast with my parents and met my friends for sugarcane juice on a sidewalk in Cairo. Yes, that was the day I found out I need a biopsy on one of my tumors, that decided to get super active😊

I have been having all kinds of nodules, cysts for years. But the one in my neck decided to misbehave and broke our agreement, of living peacefully together😊

I had no idea what was happening, as I had made my regular check-up back in November and all was fine. A letter dropped randomly from my carry-on the night of my departure to Cairo and it had the news that I need to take immediate action on a thyroid tumor.

I don’t recall placing this letter, along with the other letters I put in my luggage. Apparently, it was stuck to one of them.

NOW, life is happening… How Do I Show Up?

First, let me share… if this life event happened a few years ago, sure my response would have been different. So what changed, if the situation was the same? The answer is... Nevin!!

Events have no power over us, even the ones that most of us label as scary: cancer, death, etc.

It is what it is… It is a Fact!!

I needed to process what happened and decide what would be my next move. Now some thinking needed to happen and finding some answers.

The Health side came first:

Where will I do the biopsy? I decided in Turkey.

Then, reports and ultrasounds pics had to be retrieved from Canada and sent to Turkey. This step was requested too.

Who will I share this news with and when😊
Those people I knew would worry a lot, I decided to tell them, only after the results of my biopsy came out to save them some needless worry, as nothing was confirmed yet.

The Work department: I had the India retreat coming up

Time for more questions:
Is it Urgent or can I still do my work?
Both doctors in Canada and Turkey confirmed… No, it’s not urgent.

My book; remember, I am writing my first book, I kept all my deadlines.

Then off to India it is and be fully present 😊

I am sure none of my clients would have guessed, in a million years, that This is what I was working on, prior to the retreat. And that I’m scheduled for a biopsy upon my return. Why?
It’s not because I’m good at covering up… But because I was Fully Present. When in India Be in India! 😊

I came back, got all my reports, and followed up with my Turkish doctor. He decided: Yes… a biopsy is required.

The day I went to see him, I received an email for my biopsy appointment at the same time. I shared with him the date, but he made a phone call and moved my appointment to 30 min after my current appointment with him.

While I was in the biopsy waiting room, my dear friend Banu, who helped me get organized, called me for an update. As soon as she found out I was going for the procedure, she was there is 15 min.

And the fun began… A plan to document the procedure, without the doctors finding out😊

The assistant thought I was an alien. She was asking Banu ‘Why I was laughing?’. Banu simply replied: “She is always laughing!”

The Question is: ‘Do I need to worry, in order to do what I need to do?’ Obviously NO!
We Worry because of the Stories We Tell ourselves about life happening.

I did not make the biopsy mean anything….It Is What It Is!

I was Super Calm in My Heart.

As I later shared with a friend, it felt like an out of body experience. My mind was curious to understand ‘Where is this Calmness in my heart coming from?’

What I figured out is this… That it’s the stories we tell ourselves that scare us. The Fear of the Unknown!

So here are some of my own stories:

In the present moment, nothing is confirmed. It’s 50% chance the results can go either way… ‘Why would I chose the other 50%?’🙂 I’m not even comfortable calling it the negative 50%. And ‘How do I know that this is bad for me??’

I like adventures and even if its time to change form, it’s a new adventure.

I always had a strong connection to the sky and this is a new level of connection.

Did I do what I needed to do? YES… all the time!

I was present, being aware of where I stand, what I needed to do at that moment, and I acted.
Acting does not mean stressing or worrying.

As I shared in the beginning, I would not have had the same attitude years ago. I Changed and my Whole Experience of Life Changed.

We All Can Change and Become the Creator of our Life Experience.

Is there a shortcut? NO…

Is it easy? NO…

Was my life Easy when I used to stress about life happening?

So, I Chose the No Easy that transforms into Easy… CHANGE Nevin..

This post is not about me alone, it’s about YOU too!

‘What’s going on in your life that is stressing you right now?’
‘Do you Own your Emotions or do you allow life to choose your attitude for you?’


Separate facts from fiction
Question your stressful thoughts
Find the truth… truth always feels peaceful
Show up and Act
Deal with the results as feedback
Stay in your power, your business.
Stay out of people’s business and most important out of God’s business… BIG trouble if you step into THE BIG GUY’S businesses 🤣

“To Get the Best Results you Need to Be at your Best”.

Find out how can you take care of you.

How can you take care of your body?
How can you take care of your mind?... Of your thoughts
How can you take care of your soul?

And Remember… Always stay Connected to the Source.

مصيرين ولا مخيرين 
مصيرين و مخيرين 

مصيرين في احداث الحياة 
مخيرين في قراءة الأحداث والافعال المترتبة علي تلك القراءة

فلتكن قراءتنا جميلة لنصنع بدايات و نهايات جميلة 💜

Banu Tansug, thanks for the videos in the hospital room 😂 
Sallie Kinawygod bless your heart for editing my longest blog 😍

Sally Rashid love the video you created 😘

Bless your heart my Tribe 🙌🏻😍💜

I wrote this blog right after the biopsy, the report was released Wednesday, Feb 28, biopsy normal and I need to check after six months 💃🏼🎉

To watch the fun video Sally Rashid created pls click the link below:



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