Do you feel like quitting?

A sign that we are almost there is 'the urge to quit'!! 

Yes, as I’m writing these words I was going through a similar experience. It's almost at the last stretch, that we think we can’t go any longer but that’s only a sign that we are almost there. 

I was so tired, drained and started ranting about why I’m tired: "I like to write when I'm inspired; it’s too much; it’s a tight deadline;... etc.".

I paused, and changed the inner dialogue: 'Nevin you have 48 hours to rant as much as you want; you are going till the finish line; it’s a one way route, no going back; Quitting is not an option and lets make it easier for you, honey, choose your attitude!! 

Do you want a break? Ok have it. Do you want to complain? No darling!! Complaining sabotages your results. Lets release that nagging energy and energize you with productive energy. 

What do you want to do? Go for a walk, go see a friend, even go shopping (not typical me at all, but lets try it out😍). I ended up getting myself a nice dress to wear and celebrated writing the last chapter 🎉and I got a sweet side table matching my glasses😂

Yeah, that's how I play games with my mind.... So go play a good game... Don’t play the bad game of quitting.

In Napoleon’s Hill classic, “Think and Grow Rich", he shares a story, “Three feet from Gold”: 

The most common cause of failure is not failure, it is quitting. We all experience failure in our journey. We are humans. Those who quit, Fail. Those who persevere, Win... period!!! 

And here is the story Napoleon Hill shared: The Uncle of R U Darbey was caught on the gold fever in the gold rush days. He started and he got some good results, followed by a failure; the vein of Gold they found disappeared, and he QUIT!! 

He sold his machinery to a junk collector, who in turn, got an engineer and made the calculations again and found that the gold was three feet from where Darbey stopped drilling. Yes... three feet away and he quit!!!

I, Nevin, kept drilling and tomorrow I will be writing the conclusion 💃💃💃

For heavens sake... Don’t quit!! You are three feet away from your dream... Keep drilling!!! 

P.S. this blog is a section in my book. The section covering the obstacles in our journey of living our dreams 😍 

nevin elgendy