How many times did you feel fear?

How many times did you want to…
Start a project
Share an opinion
Pursue your dream

And you did not because of Fear?

There is nothing wrong with fear. 

The problem happens when fear stops you in your tracks. And that is not fear’s responsibility! 

That is Your responsibility… as in, your attitude towards fear. 

Fear is not going anywhere soon. So let’s deal with it☺

What are you fearful of?

•People won’t like it and make fun of my idea, project, opinion, etc.; Who cares!! People who matter and care won’t… Period. 

•I’m not sure how to do it. Hello… and you won’t know until you start!! Take one step today and let the journey unfold.

•It’s a long journey… It will take a lot of time before I can succeed. Yes, darling, it will!! And it won’t be shorter if you don’t start or start later. 

•It’s expensive. Yeah… so are you!! You deserve to live your dream… You are the most important asset in your life. 

It’s a mindset piece…

I don’t have the funds for my dream… that’s judgment. 
How can I bring up the funds for my dream?... that’s curiosity.

Notice we did not change today’s reality and still no funds. By asking the second question, I only help you find answers to create a new reality tomorrow. 

Our mind operates on ‘focus’! 

Focus on why I can’t… and your mind will excel finding all the evidence to prove you’re right… why ‘you can’t’.

Focus on how can I and combine it with being grounded in the present moment… and your mind will also excel in finding all your resources so ‘YOU Can’.

SO GO GO GO… Because fear is not going anywhere soon



nevin elgendy