Time to hit the reset button...the new beginnings.

A new moon and a promise of a new beginning… A surprising and liberating beginning!

All that has been coming up to the surface for the last month was just preparation for this opportunity for a fresh start.

Relationships and communications were in a frenzy during the Mercury Retrograde. Not a single client, including myself, did not go through a rough time during this past month.

If you think my everyday looks like my posts, well I have news for you, NO IT IS NOT!

But it is most of the time, how?

Depends on how I navigate the lows and create new beginnings…

That applies both to me and to my clients who use the same tools I use to create the life We live.

Today brings with it a fresh beginning, combined with the energy of spring and hope, and an added positive, as mercury went direct as well a couple of days ago.

That was the opportunity… the chance to go deeper and to work on understanding what was holding you back. 

The unconscious thoughts that were responsible for how you feel, how you show up and for your results.

It was an intense month for me to navigate my own issues while helping others, but it paid off with…. A lot of Clarity.

Today is the time to plant your seeds for the new beginning. 

How do you visualize your life? 

What are your deepest heart felt desires?

Give yourself permission to want what you want!!!

Don’t negate the negative… desire the positive.

Don’t ask for ending struggle… set intentions for flow, ease and abundance.

Don’t ask for an end of disrespect… claim respect.

Do you feel the difference in your body
between ‘negating’ versus ‘wanting/desiring’? 

They sure feel completely different.

Watch for you words, as they become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your emotion. Your emotions become you actions. Your actions become you habits. Your habits become your character… and your Character becomes your Life.

Choose your words… choose your life!!

Plant your seeds and claim your heart felt desired life;

FIRST STEP: Look for the ‘WHAT’ (the dream), NOT for the ‘HOW’ (the plan). Why?

Because today, you don’t own the mindset that will lead you to your future dream!! 

However, today you will start working on your mind, in order to create the new mindset needed to help you build your dream.

The goal is who you become in the process of pursing your dream, your beautiful full potential self!

Once you are clear about your dream, and most importantly, TRUST, that you will live your dream, you will start feeling differently. And from that space, you will start to see what you missed seeing yesterday… when you were stuck on the problem, not the solution.

Claim what you want, not what you want to push away!

Feel great today to create your greatness tomorrow 🦋🦋🦋

This post is dedicated to beautiful Maida Hairabedian who is living her new beginning! 💜

Photos: Heal your heart at the heart of the world, Abruzzo, Italy, 2016.

“I was cleaning my laptop and came to this picture! I forgot to send it to you! A trip of a life time! And a trip that changed my life... thanks to you 🙏🏻❤️” 

Thank you for showing up for yourself 🦋💜

Thank you dear for my photo🙏🏻


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