Mama I need your help...

That was the message I received from Janna, my youngest daughter, around 3 am Istanbul time.

I called her but she did not sound or look happy. She had to change her summer travel plans, due to her internship new dates and needed to cancel her ticket going to Egypt.

She had bought flight insurance, in case of a cancellation but when she tried to cancel, the airlines claimed it was only in case of severe health emergency…NO REFUND!!

Janna felt stuck and wanted me to call and pull a good fight, something she knows I’m good at😂

We had the following conversation:

Me: “It’s not about me calling and getting your refund. It’s about you showing up and taking care of yourself”.

I continued: “You will call again and explain your situation and if the person on the line is not cooperating, ask for their boss. Keep going and don’t give up. Tell them you’re going to share the incident on your Instagram, as well as with everyone who knows you. Do what you need to do and get back to me”.

And this is when she teared up and said: “I don’t want them to hear me crying”

I replied: “Be who you are at every moment. If you feel strong, show strength. If you are crying, be authentic. We are exactly who we need to be at every moment. 

You are a student and you can’t afford to lose $950 of your father’s money. Just BE this person and share what you just shared with me… Your true thoughts and emotions!!”

It was almost 4 am when I told Janna to call the airlines back and let me know what happens.

Janna called American Airlines and this was her reply:

“I spoke to an angel called Jessica. I told her my story and sounded sad and sniffy on the phone and she said to me 'I’m going to help you, sweetheart… give me a minute'.

She kept me on hold for like 45 min, while she read all the rules until finally, she found a loophole. After which, she was able to cancel all my flights on credit, while keeping the account still active. Then just re-booked for me the different countries and only charged me an extra $150, instead of losing the original flight costs of $950.”


This is what happens when you Show Up authentically and Be Who You Are, not fake it till you make bullshit!!

At every moment share your thoughts while being who you are.

In a follow-up conversation with Janna, I shared that this time she made her plans and acted early enough but ‘life happened’ and something came up and she had to change her plans.

She did what she needed to do!

NOW, it was time for her next lesson:

Showing Up for herself versus taking what seems to be the easy route…. someone else doing her work, which at first seems to be easy but it’s hard, as she will never learn and get strong!!

Show up as who you are!!

Janna feels strong about how she showed up for herself!

I feel strongly about my strong daughter.

Empowering is the real help we can offer to anyone who needs help.

If I did the opposite, I would be enabling the wrong attitude..

Empower your loved ones… enable the right attitude! 

Empower them...Don’t help them!!



Whenever there was a tough mission I was asked to deal with it as people claim I am strong. 

The point is, I don’t open my mouth until I believe in every word I’m saying. I never debate anything I do not believe in.

Truth is powerful not Nevin. I only align with the source of power, TRUTH.

I had Janna’s permission to share our story, something I did not do in the past! Janna taught me this lesson

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