Self Love...

A term we all hear a lot.. But what is self-love?

Self Love:

Is being gentle and supportive with yourself when you fail, and you will.

Is every stressful and unquestioned thought revisited and released not suppressed

Is listening to your heart

Is giving yourself the voice you lost years ago

Is an overdue apology

Is recognizing how far you came

Is doing what you never did to reach what you never reached

Is pushing through fear

Is showing up no matter what your exhausted mind might say

Is pausing and finding out what your body, mind, and soul is trying to tell you

Is a conscious breath

Is an eye connection

Is a heart connection

Is finding that thin line between the I and the togetherness

Is a decision you make to change you to become aligned with your higher self

Is an act you take on the path of self-fulfillment

Is a smile to a stranger.

Is embracing curiosity versus judgment

Is finding the child within and bringing that beautiful creature forward in the center of your adult life.

Is appreciating Nature and making the effort to care for it

Is helping yourself to help others, so live it to give it

The list goes on, feel free to contribute ♥️


nevin elgendy