"No one will marry me:

Last week I was out with a friend of mine. She shared a story of one of her friends, who feels miserable, because as her friend said: “No one will marry me.”

Now, let me share some facts about this ‘fiction’ you just read… “No one will marry me”.

· She is a gorgeous girl… I mean beautiful 

· In her thirties 

· Leading an amazingly, successful career in NYC

Yeah, Facts have no power over how we feel… over how miserable she feels.

It’s what she ‘believes’ about herself that created these ‘miserable’ emotions!

So… what is really happening here?

This girl does not ‘see’ herself, nor does she ‘know’ herself.

She is trying to find someone ‘who will see her’, someone to ‘love her’ as she can’t love herself.

Okay, but why?

Because she ‘does not know herself’… She only ‘wants’

Yeah, she ‘wants’…

But is this the starting point?


That’s why She’s not getting anywhere.

The starting point that is one step before “I want” is ‘Who’… “Who am I?”

· What are my Strengths

· What are my Core Values that govern my life?

· Am I living my values?

· Do I need to adjust some behavior, to be aligned with my own DNA (my values)?

· What are my Priorities?

· What are my Needs?

· What are my Dreams and Aspiration?

· How do I want to Feel in my Relationship

Yeah the stating point is YOU!


Because once you meet that person, Then And Only Then will you have the foundation of recognizing who fits into ‘your criteria’… who fits in your world, i.e. who deserves to be part of that world.

Then And Only Then will you have ‘recognized’ and ‘connected’ to that Beautiful Being trapped inside you and allowed her to the ‘forefront of your life’ in order to Lead.

Then And Only Then will you have ‘respected’ who you are ‘at your Core’.

Then And Only Then will you ‘be’ who you were Created to be.

Then And Only Then will you be your True Self.

And this is Who You First ‘need to marry’!!!!!

Your True Self!!!

Once you’ve met your strengths and you are married to your True You…

You will start hearing all the words you ‘wanted’ to hear from others and you did not

You will hear them from Yourself to You… and that is the starting point.

Rest assured… What You can’t give Yourself, No One Else will give you.

And please, don’t confuse that with arrogance.

Arrogance is: Not knowing your Self-worth and Faking it.

Self-knowledge and self-worth are authentic powers and based on the Real You!!

Yessss, your True Self that knows your answers and will ‘lead you’ to your Dreams, not only to who will you be with.

This True self will not just want to be with anyone. She will want to be with “THE ONE” that qualifies and fits in this beautiful world of YOU.


Wake Up and Know You!

Wake Up and Be Proud of You!

Wake Up and Admire You!

Wake Up and Fall in Love with the Beautiful You!

Wake Up and Propose to You… before you think of ‘who will propose to you’!

No one will, until YOU ask yourself to marry You!

Because… Ask yourself:

“Why would anyone else want to be with you, if you don’t want to be with you?”

So for heavens sake…

Go Propose to YOU!!

Meet yourself in your heart ♥️ 

Meet them in your mind and walk them to your heart.


Venus, the planet of Love, will be starting retrograde tomorrow. And all these ‘emotions’ about self worth will be popping up everywhere.

Deal with it... don’t believe it!

So… Go do the homework above and Don’t be Trapped in the self-defeating thoughts of ‘worthlessness’.

nevin elgendy