How did I find joy?

When my name comes to your mind, what do you see, what do you think?

My friends say; colors, smiles and a free spirit...

How did that happen?

After watching the video Yousra Gamgoum shared (link at the end of the blog) personally, I got a better understanding of what happened almost 10 years ago...

The beginning...

One more time… Trusting my heart in the darkest days proved right!

Days when my mind was too confused, but my heart was ready to guide… when I decided to trust!

Today, I understand how my life changed…

One little decision I made almost 10 years ago… that made a major impact on my life then, and which I am bearing the fruits of today:

Wearing my Floral headpieces🌹🌸🌺🌻🍀

Wearing them at a time when it was not ‘in’ like today.
When Dolce and Gabbana were not showing them in their collection.

When people used to laugh at my ‘new’ look!
But I still gave my self-permission… It was the day I became the ‘authority’ in my life!!!

A tiny decision which I didn’t even understand the meaning of, but I went ahead with anyway. 

I went ahead because it ‘felt right’… And Now I understand what happened.

Yes, sometimes the mind needs more time to catch up with your Heart… your Guidance! 

That was the first decision I made, which lead me into the colorful life I’m living now.

One decision at a time…

A decision that meant I gave myself permission… TO BE, TO DO and TO HAVE what I want. 

A decision that lead me into the world of colors 🌈🎊💐

A decision that lead me to the world of JOY ♥️

A decision that lead me into the world of Coaching… The world of “helping OTHERS find JOY”. 

I was my first joyful Client and I was ready to transfer it to others… Live It to Give It!

And NOW, after almost 10 years, my mind has caught up with my heart. 

Now, I lived what we always call: ‘We live our lives forward but we understand it backward’.

It is not always about taking ‘major’ decisions that will change your life.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest decisions, which you’ll take by following your guide… your Heart!

It’s these small decisions that can sometimes impact your life ten folds over one major decision.

The tiny decisions that will add Color into your Life and Courage into your Heart.

Turtle step into your Happy Colorful Life. 

I chose joy; Flowers...Colores without knowing where would that lead me... I trusted.

Trusting your heart is the beginning of the real fulfilling journey. 

GO Colors:)

nevin elgendy