It's happening...I've got a publisher and a HUUUUGE one too:)

Years ago, Karen my masseuse in Ottawa, Canada, who knew very little about me, said:

“Nevin, I see you in a bookshop, sitting behind a table and a lot of people are lined up in front of you. They’re coming for you to sign a book, which you are the author of, and it has your picture on the cover”.

Did I even know this about me? the answer os no!

I don’t know where to start today…

This is a very emotional post, as it is actually happening right at this very moment🙏🏻🙏🏻

I can’t really say I don’t believe what I’m sharing with you, as it is the ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ I have in my Heart that create my results.

Yet, we always stand in ‘Awwwe’ when Miracles happen, even when we are strong believers in miracles and we actually witness them in our life.

When I wrote my book ‘BE’…

First, my dream was to finish writing it!

Second, to self-publish it, as I know that no ‘first manuscript’ will ever have a publisher, unless the author is a public figure, which I’m not 😂😂😂

I started my journey of finding a printing house for my self-publishing, the details of which I will share later, as I am super emotional at the moment and I really can’t get myself to write about it now.

Today, I just want to celebrate with your 🎉 🌈🐬

And later, I will process what happened and reflect and share my thoughts and feelings, as I always do to help others in their journeys.

So, what happened today?

I received an email from DIWAN Bookstore, one of the top book shops in Egypt, stating the following:

--They would like to ‘publish’ my book “BE”, in both English and Arabic
--They want to be the ‘local distributor’ for the book in Egypt
--They are also in the process of communicating to ‘international distributors’ for Worldwide Distribution.

A Publisher for Manuscript #1… WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??




I promise to share the details, once the emotions settle in.

All I want to say today is...

Keep the Dream in your Heart and SHOW UP every single day!

One day, Your Dream will be Your Reality, which you created and all the tiny turtle steps you took will lead to the BIG LEAP!

The Leap you will witness and be in Awwwe about.

This Dream is not mine alone… as there was a ‘dream team’ behind it.

In my next post, I will share each and everyone of the ‘BE’ dream team.

But I can’t really end this post without a BIG Thank You to Tasallie Hanim… my friend, my client, my editor, my cheer leader
And the biggest heart I met!

Thank you Sallie Kinawy

On a final note, I will try to track down Karen, my masseuse, despite not knowing where to begin looking for her, as we are not in touch.

But I will find her, in order to personally Thank her, as well as invite her and fly her in to Cairo to be my Guest of Honor, at my Book Launch and have her visit our wonderful Pyramids.

In the mean time my friends…

There are 3 celebrations coming up, starting in 2 days…

Cairo Oct 17- 24
Amman Oct 24-Oct 31
Dubai Oct 31- Nov 6

If you happen to be in any of these cities, I would love to celebrate with you

Love you,

nevin elgendy