Changing our destiny, is it possible?

In the coming few days I will blog about factors that have a direct effect on our results, in other words… our lives.

One of the main factors I will discuss are ‘pivotal events’, of which in my case, I chose three incidents that affected my life tremendously.

These incidents have underlying beliefs that unconsciously lead our thinking and behavior, affecting our life results and that is why they are powerful.

True, these life incidents can affect us, but is that final?

Are these incidents a tattoo on our face that we gonna live with for ever? Specially the negative ones

Let’s see…

Event one: When my English teacher said to me: “You won’t make it in life!”

If you have been following me, you might remember my blog about my teacher, who not only judged my work, but also judged me and my future.

When she lost my assignment, she said that it was useless to look for it because she knows that my work is ‘worthless’.

And before she left the class she looked at me and said: “You won’t make it in life!”

This incident affected me for the longest time ever and I believed her.

Probably because I was already saying this to myself.

She just resonated with my past unconscious ‘inner dialogue’ and Yesss, it affected me for years.

And this is probably why I did not make it for a long time because I simply believed it!

Event two: The story of the weed.

How I bought into another story by some one else that believed ‘weeds’ are also ‘not good enough’.

Only proper lawn blades are accepted while weeds are not and don’t deserve to live next to the blades.

Till that beautiful dawn when I finally saw them for what they are… ‘Different beautiful creations!’

This was the day I stopped ‘judging’… Stopped judging in general and stopped judging me specifically.

I was ready to accept me… Accept the ‘weed’ in me… Accept the weirdness in me 😂

Event three: My kids lost in the clouds.

A week after the Egyptian revolution, when my youngest kids were alone, on their way from Cairo to Istanbul, and the flight kept being redirected.

It was this moment that I realized how powerless I am.

It was that instant that I let go of fear in order to gain real power.

That power of knowing how powerless I am.

The moment I realized I’m not God’s deputy, CEO and CFO🤣🤣🤣

Boy that was so liberating!

Yes these three incidents, with their underlying limiting and liberating beliefs, affected my feelings and behavior and in turn, affected my results.

The first limited me by my believing that ‘I’m not good enough’.

The second and third liberated me from ‘control and judgment’.

Each one affected my behavior till I became aware of their power and consciously chose which to continue to embrace and which to release.
I believe you can tell which one I did let go of and that how I created a more harmonious belief system that support me in my journey.

We don’t have to be controlled by our environment or life occurrences.

We only become controlled when we are not aware of our power…

The ‘power of questioning our thoughts’.

Had I known what I know now, my teacher’s opinion would not have had control over me for so many years.

We act and show up based on our inner narrative.

We behave and respond to our belief system, let it be empowering or disempowering beliefs.

Our beliefs guide us to our outcome, lead us to our life results.

Now, I invite you to Pause… search your memory for some significant incidents, no matter how tiny, and identify the beliefs behind them.

If empowering, then become more aware of them and allow them to guide you in your journey.

If disempowering, use your mature and aware mind and its ‘faculty of questioning’ and liberate yourself.

In order to become the ‘creator’ of your life.

Yes!!!... Life incidents can influence us until we choose to influence ourselves, by choosing our empowering belief system and letting go of the disempowering beliefs.

Question and choose ‘wisely’ my friends. 

Choose to change your destiny and yes it is possible when we start with awareness, questioning our thoughts, aligning to our clear intention and act!


nevin elgendy