The environment illusion...

Yesterday I highlighted the pivotal life events that can shape our life due to the unconscious beliefs we create around them.

Today I will go through the second myth about our life results. Our 'environment' i.e. culture, tradition, home, you name it.

Quite often I meet clients who totally hate where they are in their lives... not satisfied with their personal or professional lives at all! The next thing, the minute we start to discuss their options, the classic answers start popping up... blaming their environment, their childhood, their parents, their culture, etc.

Does that sound familiar? 
The good news is that this is bullSh*t😂

"Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the Prejudices of their social environment” Albert Einstein.

Did you read ”Few people”? Yeah, this means that the majority cannot while few can. Why is that?

Because these few decided Not to play the victim. 

They decided not to be at the mercy of life's circumstances.

They decided to use their power... 
--The power of questioning and imagination. 
--The power of connecting to themselves.
--The power of action. 
--The power of flexibility, when results are not what they aimed for. 

They went back, questioned their thoughts and aligned with their intended results. 

They acted differently in order to get different results... And created their new life! 

Yes because if our environment was a real factor, each and every one of us will be a replica of their parents. 

We would be living in a static world... a boring world where we are doomed to be copies not opportunities of originality only if we choose to and act!

I wouldn’t be wearing flowers😍😂 nor living the life I'm living now!

My headpieces are only a symbol of me being me... the way we do one thing is the way we do everything... we think in patterns!

Do I look anything like of my parents?

I was brought up by a military father

Now, you can tell what that means if you happen to live in a similar environment😜

'Shout out' to children of military households 🤣🤣🤣

Did that have any impact on my present life? 
It did in the past when I believed it can! 
But this all changed... The moment I decided I will live out of 'my true self', not my 'social self'.

Was it easy?

No! No! and a big NO!

But I also knew that if I continued living the victim of my environment, I would be crushing my own soul. 

But since I have only one life to live, I made a new decision... 

That I’m going to live that life free of the 'environment victim role'.

So... Take responsibility of your life!

Responsibility is power… its no blaming complaining or making excuses.

Take responsibility of what went wrong so you can do what is right!

Blaming and complaining won't get you anywhere and definitely they won’t change your life. 

First find out: What stories or beliefs are you telling yourself around your environment to play the victim. 

Expose the benefit of this excuse. 

Yessss... you need to expose it to free yourself of its illusionary benefit. 

The benefit is: you do nothing... 'its easy to sit and complain'.

Now question that thought. 

"Doing nothing is easy"... is this even true?

No, because you sit filled with pity and bitterness and see your life going by, while you are blaming complaining and comparing yourself to others, who are alive in their own lives. 

Your environment is nothing but the coarse you go through to learn more about who you really are at your core. 

Challenge the rest... Get tougher and become your 'full potential self'!



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