Responsibility; The Hero's journey... From Victim to Victor.

In the previous blog I discussed the myth of environment and how some believe that their environment, culture, home, parents etc dictate their results, i.e. the quality of their life.

I also highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for our life…

Taking responsibility for what went wrong so we start creating what is “right” 

Today will go deeper in responsibility.

So what happens when we don’t take responsibility for our actions and results, for our life?

•We develop the victim mentality 
•We tend to have an unrealistic perspective on how other should change first… good luck😍 
•We constantly engage in “blamestorming”… talk to the expert, a recovering blamestormer😂
•We give away the power to lead in our life since we unconsciously believe others are responsible for how we feel…WAKE UP and gain your power back!
•We eliminate possibilities of success, why? keep believing all the victim passive stories...don’t change your behavior and keep getting the same results! 

Enough blaming and start your hero journey into success, take responsibility! 

Does that sound familiar?

What happens when we take responsibility for our actions and results?

•We take the first step into learning… learning how we contributed to the result and change our thinking and action leading to new results.
•We learn what can we change and what we need to learn to let go of (most of the time what we need to change is “US” Our thinking and actions.)
•We see things from a different perspective; both failure and success are not permanent and are not the real teachers, who are then? Evaluated experiences are… when we pause and reflect we learn.
•We learn and stop repeating the same mistakes… we learn and grow
•We grow stronger from all the lessons and application… yes, knowledge is power, understanding is good, but applied knowledge is what changes our results, the application is what creates greatness!
•We learn how to walk our talk... We earn the respect of ourselves and others… we build credibility.

I lived both worlds; the victim and the victor worlds, my clients too!

We both made a clear “new decision” a decision to take responsibility and change.

Yes, a decision not “I want” big difference between “I want” and “I decided to” do you feel the difference in your body when you repeat those two completely different statements?

I bet you do.

The first is flat, the second is powerful.

We all want...People who achieve are the ones who made a “clear decision” and supported their decision by “action and flexibility” when intended results are not met.

Start your journey of a brighter tomorrow with responsibility!

And be ready for resistance… two will resist, you as well as others!

Yes, you will resist the change, that is natural as we tend to resist change, that is human!

People will resist your change as they too resist change and more importantly, they did not take that decision to change, you did!

So hang on.. and keep walking your Hero’s journey.

The above is a glimpse of what my mastermind group will go through tomorrow-in mastermind “Sometimes you win sometimes you learn” How to take responsibility, learn from the past mistakes, grow and create your new desired future.

A New round due in February and a few spots are still available. Email; nevin@nivoforlife for more details and sign up.

Responsibility is power…

My friends, SHOW UP and CLAIM your RIGHT of CHOICE!

Yes, you have a choice! And it starts with taking responsibility for the past to get to choose the future.


nevin elgendy