Let 2019 "BE" the year of Happiness...Manifest like a pro

It’s almost the New Year and we all have dreams and aspirations… We all want to create our new heart felt desired life.

But before we start dreaming and scheming 2019, let’s pause and reflect on 2018.

- What did 2018 teach you?

- How did the Divine speak into your life?

- What was your opportunity that got you closer to your ‘full potential self’ through 2018 adversities? Yes, the opportunity through adversity.

- How did HE prepare you for the next level?

Because it’s these lessons that will guide your steps in 2019.

One of my biggest lessons of 2018 that created Magic in my life was ‘LOVE’.

When you open your heart in the darkest of times, while in a crisis.

When you choose to show up and be yourself, rather than react to anger and hurt.

When you set a boundary with hurtful actions and send love to the person that committed them.

When you don’t hurt yourself or others by harboring angry and judgmental thoughts about people.

Crisis and tough times are our opportunity to dig deep and reach out for our soul for guidance… And this is exactly what I did and I can’t tell you enough about how much difference it made in my life.

Once ready with your lessons, now it’s time to get clear on 2019…

What do you want to BE
What do you want to DO
What do you want HAVE

Yeah… do you see the order?
First the BEING
Then the ACTIONS
Then the RESULTS

Once you are ready to ask for what you want to have, ask yourself:

Why do I want to have it?

What difference will this make in my life?

Having this job
This career
This relationship
This house
This vacation

The answer will always be a ‘feeling state’.
You will always be lead to ‘feeling’ happy, excited, fulfilled, relaxed etc.

Now time for some magic infusion.
Look for ways to start feeling this way NOW.

So, if you want fulfillment from this new career, ask yourself:

What can I do now (any small act) that will create that sense of fulfillment?


Because we are magnets…

Our energy attracts situations, people, objects that match our energy.

When you start feeling this way Now…  you’ll attract more of this energy into your life.
When you feel excited Now…  you’ll show up and act differently and become the co-creator of your new results.

Our body is our vehicle which will take us to our desired destination, our dreams and goals.

And this vehicle needs gas…

What kind of gas does it need and where to get it from?

‘Positive energy’ generated from your positive thoughts, from your loving thoughts to yourself and the globe, is the energy required for this vehicle.

So, identify your ‘desired feeling state’ and take small actions today to attract more of what you want tomorrow, through your desired feeling state.

My last word for you… Ask yourself:

“Do I want to be Right or Happy in 2019?”

If being right means harboring anger and judgment, then by now I’m sure you know what to choose.

Let 2019 be the year of Happiness, the year of Miracles.

Lots and lots of LOVE,

nevin elgendy