The "zero" regret policy...Act!

The zero regret policy.... Act!

It’s fascinating how a lot of people just follow and not think for themselves and act!

Today at the airport while Going into immigration, I noticed people are all crammed crossing from one door.

Right next to it was another one that no one used, as it Seemed closed and empty so I decided to go through it!

It was closed as no one used it, the minute I came close it opened!!!

It opened and a big group followed me.

How do you show up in life, lead or follow?

Years ago I would have not have done that, I would have followed, thinking what if it did not open and I made a fool of myself!!

Today it does not mean I made a fool of myself... it means I tried!

I tried to make my life easier.

Most of the Time it works, a few times it does not, and that perfectly ok. 

I’m happy I try, I show up and I don’t regret.

Mostly What we regret is what we did not do 
Not what we did!

I decided on a zero regret policy 

I show up and do regardless of what others might think!

Freedom is to live for!!! 

Yeah to live for not to die for ♥️


nevin elgendy