Fast track to relationships' success and fulfilment!

1. He is crushing me
2. He can’t seem to understand my feelings, needs and my priorities
3. He is not committing to the relationship  
4. She is not respecting me
5. She is not sharing my interests in life
6. Who am I?
7. What’s my mission?
8. I’m stuck financially

What is common in the first 5 statements?
We will deal with the other in a minute

What’s common: 
“Not understanding each other “

Does the sound familiar?
Yeah these are the end results when we don’t follow the rules of relationships, the rules of our being  

And yes they go in this order
You meet in your mind
Together you launch the journey and the Destination is your soul
Body is only the vehicle, not the destination…

The one thing I remember from my graduate degree in “project management” I did years ago, is the cost of fixing a mistake during the prep phase versus operational phase and this applies to relationships “BIG TIME” I think if I’m not mistaken it was something like 300 times more.WOW!!

If there is any of my colleagues reading this pls correct me if I’m wrong in respect to the exact figure…

Now how does that relate to relationships?

1) To meet in your mind you first need to know your mind, to you yourself.

2) To clear your own mind of the limiting and confusing beliefs.

You need to know who you are at your core

What are your needs what are you priorities?

What are you aspirations?

Now you figured yourself out

How do you want to feel in this relationship?

But what happens?

We go without any reference to “who we are” and “what we want to create”.

Filled with all these pre-packaged ideas about who is the ideal Mr. Right or Miss gorgeous

Random generic criteria and sadly mostly fixed on the outer appearance
The trap; the body… the society…pre packaged traditional criteria.



No means for conflict resolution tools as well as not understanding what’s going on.

As we did not give our self a chance to know who we really are and how to question our thoughts in the likely hood event of conflict.

Yes we will have conflict but when we are on the same wavelength we can fine-tune the channel

But when we don’t have a channel…Good luck!

Now do you think how the project management rule applies?

Fixing the mistake when we are still getting to know each other is way simpler than after we get entangled in the operation of relationship and the way to fix it is to know oneself so when things feels wrong we act early on.

One relationship you need to get right and then all your relationships will fall in place.

Know yourself!!
Know how you want to feel in the relationship so when you meet you recognize each other.

Prep fixes cost less than operational fixes!!

I’m dedicating a whole retreat for relationships, Andalusia Oct 7-13, 2019
YOU and You
You and the other
You and Money

These three relationships are the answer to the last three statements we started with!!

Three fundamental relationships in our life and they follow the order above
Get them right and put you life a fast track to success and fulfillment.

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Where there is love there is life


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