That's who I used to be....years ago.

I would not answer the phone because I was shy. 

I would not express myself because I was scared. 

I would not go in the underground alone because I was scared to get lost. 

I was bullied in school and I was super scared to report, I was silent.

I was sexually harassed and was scared to share, I was silent!

A teacher once told me I would not make in life and I believed her and doubted myself.

I would not try anything new because I was afraid to fail. 

I used to believe they can but not me, I had no faith in my abilities, I did not act.

The list goes on...

I was scared.... I was silent!

I thought I was weak...

Little did I know!! 

What are you currently telling yourself about your “Beautiful Strong and True” self? 

See those tiny beautiful flowers breaking through the rocks.

I saw them yesterday on my walk up the hill to my home.

I remembered years ago when I moved to my istanbul house, I remembered what I told myself!

I said I can only walk down hill!
I said I can’t walk uphill and I did not for years!

Simply because of my belief not my ability!

Again little did I know.

Today I walk uphill twice a day and I love it♥️

Free yourself of your limiting beliefs...

Allow your heart to lead♥️

Allow your heart to lead you to the strength that resides in your heart ♥️

Those gentle flowers broke into the rock and gave the rock a new life.

Question your limiting beliefs and break through your limitations to give your challenges a new life.... a life of possibilities, opportunities and beauty! 

Lots of love to the flowers who discovered that they can break through the rocks and they bloomed...

Lots of the love to the ones who are still hustling to break through the rocks 

Beautiful flowers keep hustling to bloom 🤗♥️


Remember yesterday’s video about “self love”

My journey was a journey of self love... 
Questioning my thoughts and limitations
To own my emotions... to own my life 

That’s self love.



nevin elgendy