Change and resistance....

I love to reflect on my life, other people’s lives, our bodies nature, etc to learn my lessons. We were asked to do this in the Holy Quran.

Last week being in Madinah, the city of the prophet (peace be upon him), it was his life this time that I was reflecting on. 

I was reflecting on his message and his relationships with his uncles. Reflecting on the change he was about to bring to himself and the world.

So what happened?

- One supported him fully and believed in him and his message. 

- One supported him and loved him, yet did not believe in his message. 

- One did not believe in him and fought him like hell and was mentioned in the Quran, referred to as his enemy. 


What does that reveal?

When you change, these could be the reactions you get from people.

These reactions say nothing about you!

These reactions say nothing about your new, more aware belief system!

It said nothing about the Prophet (Peace be upon him) nor his message. 

It said a lot about the others and where they are in their journey…

They were not ready to see what he saw. Their minds were not ready to see what he saw with his heart.

The only constant in life is Change... Yet, we as humans resist it!

Change with what speaks to your heart and be ready for resistance from others... And at times, resistance from yourself, when the new and beliefs and habits are not yet rooted enough.







nevin elgendy