It won't work because ....Hell no, This is how its gonna work

As you may know, my life requires a lot of moving and my dreams require a lot of energy.

As I’m approaching the young age of 60, I realized that my body is not cooperating as much as it used to and it was time for me to cooperate with it and take care of it more.

This was the main reason for changing my diet, due to body pain and lack of energy.

There was another element that needed to be in place… ‘EXERCISE’

Through out my life, I was blessed with a body shape that did not need a lot of effort to maintain…

But now with my physical age, it is not only about shape it is more about inner health and how this body will carry me toward my dreams and vision.

So, I needed to exercise!

First option,

Sign up with a GYM…

This does not work for me, as I’m almost on the go every 6 weeks.

Ok, second option,

Use the exercise apps…

Did not work either, as I got bored and did not commit.


First option doesn’t work because I travel;

Second one because I don’t like to workout alone.

Was this taking me anywhere?


Another important factor…

When I started to use the app and it did not work for me, what did I do?

Did I judge myself that I’m a hopeless caseJ


Did I give up?

Hell No.

Because I know myself… I like to workout with company 😊.

I did not make it mean “that I’m hopeless when it comes to committing.”

Now, it was time to move from a mindset of “it won’t work because”… to “how can I make it work?”

My dear friend and client Laila Sedki mentioned she is training with an amazing coach.

“Alright, how can we make that work?”… And that’s the Right Approach.

“Hello Captian Sayed… we will start your first Online Workout sessions.” TATATATAAA😍😍

“I will be wherever I am and you will train me from the comfort of your living room.”

BINGO!!!… Deal accepted

I met Captain Sayed a couple of weeks ago and we agreed that TODAY was my first workout and I LOOOOOVED IT!!!


First, know yourself and what works for you.

Second, don’t judge yourself when an option does not work for you.

Third, try out more options.

Fourth, if they don’t work, try even more options until you find that soft spot and it clicks😍

Yes!... Think out of the box

Support yourself… Don’t judge yourself.

July 7 I have a session with Captain Sayed, but guess where will I be?

On a boat sailing Turkish ports with my retreat clients, who will join me and Captain Sayed in our workout…


Be creative so you can find solutions and make your life a fun journey… You can never be creative when you are judgmental.

Key points:

Know yourself

Be kind to yourself

Don’t judge yourself

And keep trying

Play yany 😍😍

Energized niVo 😂

nevin elgendy