Our mission and self betrayal…

Yesterday I met a sweet girl on the beach, she approached me and introduced herself and we had a chat about her life and lacking the sense of fulfillment and excitement.

I asked her, what do you like doing? she said I don’t know then with a bit of focus she added few things like traveling, dancing, etc

We won’t find our path until we find ourself, until we discover ourself and we don’t under estimate what we find.

Oprah Winfrey used to work as a babysitter and she quit her job after feeling not valued by her employer... our value is irrelevant to what we do or how much we earn, lesson # 1

She then got a job in a store with a triple pay, but she was not allowed to talk to customer. Oprah says “I was known as the talking child so this was clearly not a good fit. I knew having a job here I had to stay silent was no way to earn a paycheck.

“It felt like betrayal of myself”

I loooooove that!

First, She knew herself, do you see how what seemed a small thing and she could have been criticized for “ talking child” was to become her path, her career!

Second, not respecting what she knew about herself was betrayal to herself!!

Yes it’s our mission to connect to ourself know ourself and respect ourself if we want to find our life mission...

Finding “your path” is your second mission

Finding “yourself” is your first and primary mission to become who HE CREATED YOU TO BE ♥️

So pls find your true self and respect it, no giving up, no betrayal to your beautiful self

Show up ♥️🦋



P.S. Years ago when i started my coaching path I was asked to give up my flowers and my colors... I was also advised not to show my spiritual side as it will limit my reach...

Glad I followed my heart and refused to abandon those parts of me that turned to be my identity in the world of coaching...

nevin elgendy