Relationships… the path from struggle to peace and growth

How are your relationships?

Are you struggling?

What are you telling yourself about the issue?

Are you pointing fingers?

Are you telling yourself: “But I’m right! See what is he or she doing to me?”

What decisions have you made to sort out this dilemma?

Did you try doing a few different things while thinking the same thing and pointing fingers?

Did you get fed up and quit your job, your relationship, etc.

Did you wake up to find a new dynamics being created in an intimate relationship that you can’t quit?

Another difficult boss or partner?

Did you lose hope and think: ‘I’m doomed with bad bosses and bad relationships?’

Did this thought suddenly take over your mind: “My daughter or son is a copy of their father or mother!”

A statement I often hear in my practice.

Yes, you can leave and end a relationship but guess what?... The struggle won’t go away until YOU get your lesson…

Until you figure out how you contributed to the dysfunctional dynamic?

You can leave a job or a partner thinking that’s the solution.

Well, it's not!

Yes, they may have committed all you are thinking and pointing fingers at.

But that’s not what it’s all about!

And that’s not the path to flow in your life by pointing fingers or quitting.

The path is through understanding your contribution and changing it to change your life.

Don’t think of solutions…

Don’t think of what should I do…

Start by understanding to figure out the truth about the situation and how you contributed to it.

That’s the AHA moment you have been waiting for, to transform your relationships, your life.

That is the path to peace and growth… through learning your lessons from difficult relationships.

Corrections and alterations from your best teachers who came into your life with your personalized curriculum, with your customized lessons, to get you on your path of Self Fulfillment. i.e. Your Mission.

These lessons are what are between you and your mission!

So better learn and graduate the struggling class to fly high to become who HE created you to be and do.