Chaotic Cairo


Chaotic Cairo is making me more organized...

Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us...

Some might fiercely disagree with me, and that’s perfectly ok!

Let me share this story of my dear friend and client ‎نجود عاشور‎ (Nujud Ashour).

Nujud, an amazing bright girl, almost a year ago Nujud moved from Amman Jordan to Germany to pursue her dream. Last month Nujud made another move to Cairo, Egypt also to pursue her dream.
Notice the moves, middle Eastern small city, Amman, Jordan.
Bigger city, an icon of organisation, Stuttgart, Germany.
Bigger and Bigger city, an icon of chaos, Cairo, Egypt.

And here is what Nujud shared with me:

“Chaotic Cairo is making me more organised”


How could this happen??

Nujud added:

“When I was living in Stuttgart and Amman I used to force myself to wake up early in the morning to write my journal and set intentions for the day. Lifestyle was going smoothly and there was no pressure to do so.

I moved to Cairo and surprisingly the challenging everyday life is forcing my mind and body to wake up early in the morning to write.

I realized if I don’t spend some time with myself in the morning with the daily challenges I experience every day I will collapse. I was forcing myself to do this for several years and now in Cairo, it comes naturally.”

Thank you Nujud for your amazing insight.

And here is my own observation:

1) Her heart knew long ago what she needed to do. She needed to have this important daily meeting with herself to set intentions for the day and navigate her day with more ease. Intentions..Intentions..Intentions.

2) Reflecting on yesterday and setting intentions for today is how we advance. See what worked and repeat what did not work and change.

3) When I observe the moves, Amman, Stuttgart, Cairo, wow Nujud you are set to function in any situation, life presented itself for you and you sure learned your lesson.

The situation has no power over us!
It’s our attitude that sets the stage for the quality of our life.

Now tell me Cairo is crushing you, it will if you help it crush you.

If you just sit complain, blame and become a reactor, that's a choice.
Another choice, become the creator of your experience, of your life.

Remember we are creators, we carry the Divine's DNA in us, our soul.

Nujud attended two of my Vision Board workshops in Amman the last couple of years and is joining me January for another Vision Board retreat cruising the Egyptian Nile while dreaming and scheming 2018.






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