What my body taught my mind


I used to practice kundalini yoga, six years ago I stopped the same time I left Egypt to Canada.

A couple of years ago a friend suggested I try Yin yoga. I took my first class and I was instructed that we would pause for few minutes in each pose, ok

The first pause we were asked to lay on our back, stretch out legs to the opposite wall. It was sort of an L shape. The left leg to be straight on the wall, the right held by a strap to drop down bit by bit.

I started and few inches down I could feel a strong stretch in my inner leg. I had this inner dialogue: Nevin we going to be here for a while, it’s your first class take it easy. Accept where you are today and work on getting better tomorrow.

I started breathing and relaxing, suddenly I noticed that the pain of the stretch was gone. I dropped the strap a bit more, pain surfaced again. Paused again and was kind to my self. 

This pattern kept repeating; my body shows me the limit, I accept and breath, pain is released and my body relaxes and leads me to the next level.

By the end of the pause, which was about 3-4 minutes my legs were at 90 degrees.

I was blown away by the wisdom of my body!!

I remembered my old kundalini class: 
• Comparing myself to others
• Judging myself harshly

In my Yin class:
• Kind to myself
• Understanding and accepting me, accepting where I am today trusting tomorrow is different.

My body relaxed and showed me it’s full potential.
That is the day I learned self-love and compassion.

The most important conversation we will ever have is the conversation we have with our self. It’s the conversation that will make it or break it. 

I understood that being hard on myself created some results but these results were not the best and were not sustainable.

If you are not happy with your results, start observing your inner dialogue, what are you telling this precious being, YOU. What are you telling him or her on daily basis?

Be kind to yourself to reach your full potential.

The biggest lessons I learned In life I learned from observing nature and observing my body. Now I totally understand why the Quran is mostly asking us to pause, observe nature, observe our bodies reflect and Learn. 

Be kind to yourself and kindness will overflow from your heart, from you to every being that touches your life.

nevin elgendy