A dream of a weed

Back in Cairo, I had an amazing garden and gardener, Lamloum, may he rest in peace.

Lamloum had very strong opinion about weeds in the lawn. I followed through and believed what he believed. We had a mission to get rid of the weeds as they disrupt the beauty of the lawn. Anytime I saw weeds his squad would come to pluck it out.

One beautiful sunrise I was in the garden enjoying the beauty of this time of the day. I was looking at the lawn and I saw weeds, but for the first time, I saw them for what they are, beautiful tiny green creations with sweet tiny purple flowers.

The story I was telling myself about the weeds changed, they no longer are disrupting the beauty of all the grass blades, and hence they need to be removed. The story changed to; they are equally beautiful in a different way.

That day I changed the story and accepted the weeds and gave them a chance, I accepted me and gave me a chance, I am a weed too.

A weed in my looks, in my beliefs and in my behavior. I started to embrace the dreams of the weed inside me, I changed my life. Did I get attacked? yes. Did I lose some relationships on the road to self-discovery? yes. 

I made it clear to me, I am not ready to lose myself to keep anyone in my life. Anyone who is not ready to accept the weed in me its ok, they made a decision. My decision was to accept me, to believe in me. Did I make new friendships, hell yes, and very soulful relationships?

I would not be living this life, the dream I’m living now if I did not give the weed in me a chance. If I had not believed in the soft voice in my heart. I ignored that voice for years; I got nowhere close to where I wanted. I tried to play it safe and conform, also did not work. It's the opposite of safe, it's soul crushing.

Was it an easy journey no? Not because of the journey, it’s super simple. The journey becomes hard when we resist. Check every day that your heart is telling you and follow through. It will sound scary but this is when trust and faith come to the rescue. Go for what ever feels right when you have no evidence its right. But the only evidence is where is this voice originating from, the all knowing.

It’s the most liberating and peaceful feeling because you feel supported and safe in the Divine's plan for you. He sends you your guiding tips every single moment through how you feel. What feels right follow, what does not DROP!! but what do we do? we over think, over analyze and paralyze our mind with all the pros and cons and scary scenarios.

Connect to your heart, listen and follow. You may find yourself enjoying various things, connect the dots. Don’t pick and chose, if it moves you, trust you are all of them, not one, think abundance, not scarcity!

I like photography, I’m not a photographer, I like writing (Did you notice😂) I am not an author. I like traveling, I’m not a tour operator, I like coaching. I connected the dots and added all that I love in one package and it made this weed’s coaching career 😊

Get ready for some good work, for resistance but that is ok. What will pull you through is your trust in the Divine’s plan for you. He already made it easy for you and gave you tips which way to go; you need to choose, to trust or not. You need to act on it, so act, persist, grow and enjoy your ride finding your purpose, your potential, and your dream.

If you find a weed inside you, you are not alone. It's ok you are beautiful the way you are, we add beauty to the blades😊

And if you find it difficult, reach out and I’ll guide you in the journey of finding your own beauty and power.

Beautiful weed: Rise, shine and fulfill your special unique dream.

P.S. This blog is addressing the weeds. dear blades, keep calm😍

Nevin the weed 

nevin elgendy