Want to maximise your experience? here is my secret

Good morning from Istanbul:)

As I woke up and went to watch the sunrise, almost a daily ritual. I felt how beautiful it is and had this thought; one more sunrise, why am I never bored of doing this same thing almost every morning?

I remembered an incident that took place almost 25 years ago. We had just moved to our house in Cairo. There was a huge and a beautiful tree that flowered twice a year, it used to be covered with yellow flowers.

I loved waking up every day sitting by the window and appreciating the tree. One day I was there having my coffee when I realized I did not feel the same way. why? Because I did not experience that amazing feeling that I used to enjoy and appreciate. I was just there with my body, but not my heart.

That day I realized the meaning of being present, of connecting to my experience and not just be there. To show up with all of me, all of my being; my heart my mind and my body. I realized that it takes awareness and intentionality to be alive. 

the moment I became aware I felt again the beauty of the tree. We create our feeling state with our focus and attention. The scene was the same; I changed my perception and my feeling changed.

Being aware of what I’m really seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, connects me to the richness of any experience. I trained myself to have the beginners mind and eye to maximize my experience. Remember how do you feel when you see things for the first time? This is where I live most of my time. That might be the reason behind my usual excitement (sometimes too much☺) and that is what people feel when being around me.

The secret is the intention of being aware, it enriches my experience.

Have a lovely day,

nevin elgendy