What makes life more difficult?

What would your life be like if you realized that there is no failure?
If it's either winning or learning and growing?

“Sometimes you win sometimes you learn”
Amazing mastermind group and lots of AHA, for both my clients and myself.

Life is more difficult for:

1. Those who stop growing and learning, who do not possess a teachable mind.
2. Those who do not think effectively, ie; blame, complain, compare, make excuses, etc. 
3. Those who do not make the right adjustments and move on.
4. Those who do not respond properly to challenges, those how do not see the opportunity in the challenge.
5. Those who do not face reality, and built their own numbing mechanisms such as:
• Procrastination/ perfection
• Busy/ over work.
• Over think
• Judgment
• Victimhood
• Living in the past
• living in the future

I was the master of judgment and victimhood. My life transformed when I started looking reality in the eye. When I started thinking effectively, questing versus judging. When I started making the right adjustments.

My clients are reflecting on:
• What are their own ways of avoiding reality?
• “We never have problems we have opportunities” they are choosing a challenge they are facing presently and creatively finding the opportunity.

We don’t learn from experiences, otherwise we would all be Budhhas☺We learn from experiences we reflect on, extract the lesson, and most important apply the learned lesson to our life.

In the mastermind group we learn, live and lead the lessons we discover in our journey together.

The second round of: “Sometimes you win sometimes you learn” opening soon for registration.
Drop me an email to sign up: nevin@nevinelgendy.com

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