Want To Find Your Power? Own It An Lead..

Warning long blog, no short cut to finding our power☺

During one of my one-on-one coaching sessions, my client was quite frustrated from her boss, for confidentiality we will call my client Sarah. I asked Sarah why was she frustrated, she said because her boss does not communicate with her and does not give her feedback.

Let's pause here and see what was happening in Sarah’s mind. Sarah made the lack of communication from her boss, and not getting feedback mean; the quality of her work is at risk, she might not be adding value to her organization. (to her conscious mind she was not aware of this story)

Our challenges are our opportunities to grow. 

By the end of the session, Sarah discovered that the lack of communication is her opportunity to lead in the relationship. 
An opportunity to add value through initiating effective communication with her boss and through creating a couple of forms for feedback.

Things got even more interesting when Sarah discovered her real passion, giving presentations about compliance. Sarah had an AHA moment, her passion has to do with communication, which she herself discovered she needed to develop, as actually, she was not communicating her own needs to her boss. She was not giving her boss feedback about how she was managing her and how does that make her feel!

The magic of the coaching process, finding your power and shifting challenge to opportunity!! 

So the situation did not change, but Sarah’s feeling state completely changed from frustration to excitement, why? Because the story she was telling her self about her boss changed from:

I won’t be able to add value to my organization due to the lack of feedback to:

• I will add value through creating feedback forms. 
• I will communicate with my boss and lead in the relationship.
• I will give my boss feedback about how I feel and my needs, I will show up for myself.
• I will work on developing my communication skills and do more of what I enjoy, i.e presentations. 

Responsibility is power, it is not blaming or complaining.

Now Sarah is in the leading seat, it doesn’t matter if you are a boss or an employee, a parent of a child. Leadership is about awareness, communication, and influence.

Great, right?

It did not end her!

Sarah is also a member of one of my mastermind groups “ Sometimes you win sometimes you learn “ How to turn failure to your best friend, to your teacher!

Sarah showed up and shared with us a big surprise; as soon as she shifted her thinking and started feeling the excitement because of her new conscious thought and as she was starting to work on the feedback form, she received the first feedback from her boss even before having the conversation, she received, GREAT JOB SARAH!!!

We attract with our thoughts and energy!

Pause, question your stressful thoughts, shift the story, shift your energy and shift how you feel and watch the universe play its magic.

Love my clients and love their results !!!

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