Excuses.... Feeling stuck? Five steps to get out of your own way!

I can’t because I’m not good enough
I can’t stop sugar because I have sugar tooth
I can’t change because it is difficult  
I can’t… because of the commitments I have
I can’t…because I don’t have enough time
I can’t….because I don’t follow through and I easily get distracted
I can’t…because I’m not ready  
I can’t….. because its already been done before
I can’t…. because I’m worried about how I will be perceived
I can’t….. because I will hurt others
I can’t….. because I don’t know where to start
I can’t… because my kids are young
I’m not motivated because my boss is not helping me grow
My life is difficult because my husband needs to change his attitude
I’ll stay in my boring job because it’s safe.


Sounds familiar?
So what is really happening here?

You are depriving yourself from your own motivation and reasons for change!

You are simply rooting for the limiting beliefs and being stuck by backing them up with exucses!!

Your mind is keeping you stuck!

Yes your mind and not your situation is the problem!

You have no control over your situation
But sure you can lead your mind to better thoughts that will lead you to better places and situations

This is how we create better situations
Is that easy?

Hell no.

But one question for you?

Is your present situation easy?

I’m dame sure its not… I have been there and I know how it feels.

It’s that awkward place; you are living, yet lifeless!

What can we do?

Start here and now and take five turtle step:

1) Change one bad habit, stop thinking of changing your whole life, one bad habit at a time.
2) Break procrastination, break the task if it is not getting done, break it into smaller steps
3) Set a reflection time and count your achievements, huge one (the energy needed to believe I can versus I can’t)
4) Reward your self…if you don’t do it no one willJ
5) Who are your friends? What do they talk about? Are they motivated or naggers?
We are the average of the five people we hang around with
Choose your friends wisely

Does that help?



nevin elgendy