I'm not good enough...

It’s not what we do that will change that thought!

It’s what we believe; it’s what we hear on the inside…. The voice in our head!

Confidence before competence!

Exchange one doubting believe with another trusting belief

It’s not about what you do, trust me.

I have been there!

I doubted myself to build a digital program

Because I’ve never done it before
Then I did it

Now I should be doubt free as I did the action, right?

No wrong!

Because doubt came back and said probably you didn’t do it right!

It cant be that simple!!!

See what I mean
What helped me?

That other “wise part” of nevin
Not the doubting part of nevin

We have two voices on the inside
Inner critic and inner mentor.

Choose whom to listen to!

My inner mentor came to the rescue and said
Nevin, Right here and Right now

You gonna sit down and write a list of how strong you are what you already achieved!

Of what is amazing about you

On what you didn’t do before and then you started doing and worked on bettering it

Write about all the obstacles you managed to overcome

Write about all the tough days that you managed to make them help you get stronger

All the tears that you turned into smiles that people now say they are contagious

Yes write about that...

Let that part of you guide you to build you inner confidence

And it worked!

I can here you say, but I did nothing or under value what you did.

Again that the voice we will leave behind 

A lot of my clients start there and when they really sit, they first struggle and then it comes rushing... 

So sit down and do it! 

Confidence is not going to be built only new actions.

It is going to be built with challenging the doubting thoughts and giving yourself credit all who you are at your core…for all what you have done BEFORE.

Confidence is going to be that kind conversation you will have with your heart, your inner mentor♥️

It’s you and only you who will be able to help yourself cross on the other side of doubt.

No new actions will if you continue thinking and believing doubt.

And when that voice of the inner critic comes to tell you “but you did nothing”

I want to tell you that “This is not true”

Tell that voice of doubt “SHUT the F**k UP”

I’m human and I’m on a mission to connect to my true self because it will lead me to my full potential self.


اكسكيوز إلت الأدب بس وللاهي حاولت بس منفعش غير إلت لأدب مع الصوت الشرير ده، رمضان كريم 😘😂

nevin elgendy